Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My darling clients Kari and Myles who are getting married June 13th, were contacted today by InPlay in Des Moines, IA and they will be taking over the Peoria InPlay. The offered to still hold their reception or give them their deposit back. SO YEAH, I cant tell you how happy I am that it's getting resolved. Kari and Myles have already moved their reception to The Waterhouse, thanks to Andrew who was so wonderful in working with us and getting everything set-up.

So good news, InPlay will remain in business, getting remodeled and things will get back to normal. And for any of you Bride & Groom's that thought you lost your deposit or your reception site....sounds like they will take care of you! Make sure you contact the Des Moines, IA office if you have not been contacted yet.


New info coming....

Well starting a business can be LOADS of fun...but it can also be a rather large learning experience. So in the past few months I have gained much knowledge about my own business, how to make it better, and how to better serve my clients and my future clients as well. I am reworking some of my packages so that I can hit a broader stay tuned! I am also working on a new website...yes, mine needs to be spruced up a tad. If you know me, you would know that I am all about fashion, beauty, trends, TOTAL GIRL. And I have to be able to change things, (ya know, like shoes) have different looks, etc. So I am so excited to get started and show you so much more about my business and what I can offer. Image is everything in this industry, so its important to me that my first impression is a great one. Not to mention I have met some amazing vendors that I need you all to know about. I cant keep all this great information to myself, so that will be included on my new website as well as galleries of my past client's weddings and other great ideas that anyone can do themselves. Stay tuned.......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wedding Drama for the Peoria Area

Wow, what a week it has been for some wedding vendors in the Peoria area. First Trefzger's Bakery gets broken into and all of their wedding contracts are stolen....WHO DOES THAT??? And then word finally got out about Forte/In-Play, a bank is taking over, all contracts will be broken, AND no deposits will be returned. Its been a tough week for some of my clients. Luckily, Kari & Myles, who were to have their reception at Forte have moved to the Waterhouse...a special thanks to Andrew for meeting with us so quickly and getting this reserved for my clients!

Trefzger's is making headway and will be contacting Bride's next week to ensure that everything will be okay and all set for their wedding day. But please contact them to make sure they have your name, number, and wedding date, don't leave anything to chance.

If anyone needs help, guidance, or suggestions regarding Reception Venue's, please call or email me...times like this you need all the support and help you can get!!!!

And like I told my one Bride...all these crazy things are happening now so that your wedding day can be perfect!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Crumrine!!!!

This past Saturday, my darling clients Daniel and Cara became husband and wife at Northfield Christian Church in Tremont, Illinois. It was a beautiful ceremony...and I was actually there to witness it. Normally I am off and running to the the tears were forming as I watched her walk down the aisle to the love of her life. Every detail of this wedding and their 2 receptions was perfect...from black lanterns, evergreen, Christmas trees with tons of white lights, Snow Angles instead of Flower was beautiful!

Cara and Daniel had two receptions....a Dessert Reception full of fabulous food, fruit by Lisa Webb and cheesecakes from Desserts Unlimited. And my ALL TIME FAVORITE.....A Coffee Bar!! Yes folks, there is a Coffee Catering Service called Coppercino new to the area. They are a husband and wife team, so nice to work with and the coffee drinks were top notch, not to mention a beautiful set-up! You can email Marianne at Coppercino at for more information. And for their favors..Cara and Daniel had a Cookie Bar where guests could pick from homemade was a hit! And I have to mention the "Card Tree"...instead of having a guest book for guest to sign, each guest was given a card when they entered for them to write a special note to the couple, then the guest clipped them to Christmas Trees in the reception room with red and black painted clothes was darling!!

After the Dessert Reception was over, the couple, their family, and close friends went to a Celebration dinner at "The Tearoom at the Depot" in Mackinaw for a private dinner. Beautiful setting to be able to spend quality time with all that is close to them.

What a beautiful couple inside and out, stay tuned for pictures. Pam Cooley , from Pam Cooley Photography has posted some on her blog, so scroll down till you see Daniel & Cara. Congrats Cara and Daniel and thank you for letting me be apart of your beautiful day!! Happy Honeymooning!!