Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reception Pics from Sarah & Daniel's Wedding

Sarah & Daniel

Sarah and Daniel were married on August 15th at a private residence on Grandview Drive in Peoria. Has to be the most beautiful setting for a wedding that I have seen in a long time! The weather was great, and that's a first since most of our 0utdoor weddings this year have been "weather challenged". My staff worked their tails off that day, setting up the reception which took place at The Gateway, setting up all the chairs for the ceremony, and then all the clean-up and tear down that takes place so late in the night. My girls are fabulous and I couldn't do it without them! Just the fact that they show up at midnight with smiles on their faces is wonderful!

Special thanks to Pam Cooley who came and took some details shots for me! It was her anniversary and she still took the time to shoot, she is truly an amazing friend and photographer!

Sarah & Daniel's vendors were great..Johnson Floral did the flowers (bride used all her own containers/vases/candle sticks that she collected over the course of the year. It made for a very modern eclectic look, and I loved it! Trefzger's made the beautiful cake, Sound & Light did the up lighting, I Do Events did the linens, and River City String Quartet made beautiful music for the ceremony...truly was a great day!

Sarah and Daniel were off to Colorado for their honeymoon, I hope they had a great time and look forward to talking to them soon!!
Another great wedding, thanks to everyone involved!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Erin & Tommy

The first dance....

The darling couple...One georgeous bride!!

Postcards were used as Table #'s...a way to personalize their reception from all their worldly travels

The centerpieces...from Heaven on Earth..

Erin and Tommy were married on July 25th at Sacred Heart Cathedral with a beautiful reception at Mt. Hawley Country Club in Peoria, IL. They even enjoyed a small intimate party at the Bride's father's home for immediate family and bridal party before the reception started.

Talk about a darling couple...I only wish I could have gotten to know them even better. Erin and I communicated via email while she was in Turkey teaching. Her mother and I worked closely on the details till Erin could get home one month before the big day! These two have traveled the world and they incorporated that into their reception by using Postcards they both have collected over the years from all their travels.

I unfortunately wasn't by Erin and Tommy's side on their wedding day, but my wonderful assistant Melissa was there every minute to execute the day. She did an amazing job along with Sherry who assisted Melissa throughout the day and night. I have to say that is the hardest part of this job, I get attached to the Bride and her family through the planning stage and to not be there truly breaks my heart. I get to live it through pictures though, thanks to Deidre Lynn's beautifully pictures. I posted one above and will post more when available.

Congratulations Erin and Tommy, hope you had a great honeymoon!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lisa & Tony

Lisa, the beautiful bride...yes her dress had a pink sheer material from the waist down...all hand made
Tony sporting is shades..chilling with the guys..

The beautiful couple.....

The Heaven on Earth

Pink Hydrangeas and Pink Parasols....

On Saturday July 25th, Lisa & Tony became husband and wife at Luthy Botanical Gardens in Peoria IL. It was one of the most beautiful summer days we have had here in Illinois...FINALLY! :) The ceremony site, located in the Rose Garden was stakes & glass cones filled with pink hydrangeas lined the aisle. Pink parasols for their guests and River City String Quartet was playing beautifully and everything was set and ready.

It was a beautiful ceremony with the most stunning bridal party, white tuxes, pink vests and ties and the girls in knee length pink dresses and silver heals.

Then off to the reception at Stoney Creek, pink lighting, crystal accented centerpieces....But the best part of this reception was the dancing..Lisa & Tony are both hip hop dancers and they put on quite a show for their first dance. IT WAS AWESOME!! Plus some of their groomsmen are dancers as well...and let me tell ya ladies...nothing better than a man that can dance!!! My assistants and I could have stayed all night and watched them. Josh, one of their groomsmen reenacted "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson...sang and danced it...he glided across that dance floor like nothing I had ever seen, the crowd went wild! I believe Pam Cooley was standing on the head table trying to get that's a devoted photographer risking her life for great pics!

Lisa, Tony, and Rita (Tony's mom) are some of the kindest people I have met, truly was an honor to be a part of their wedding day and the journey leading up to it. Funnest reception in HEA Wedding history!! THANKS SO SO SO MUCH!!! Best wishes to you both, hope you had a great time in Hawaii!