Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weddings go on, even in a tough economy...

So I was thinking last night about how even though times are tough right now...weddings must still go on. Are there ways to still have the wedding your dreams with out breaking the bank...the answer is YES!

Of course you still have to be practical here...if you want a princess wedding with 1000's of roses and custom linens, a live band, etc then you may need to wait a year in order to handle all the expenses. But first things first...your guest list. Your guest list is a huge determining dictates how many invitations you buy, how many centerpieces you need, how many plated dinners you will pay for, cocktails, favors, and so on. So when you start trying to determine your budget, start with your guest list, try to cut it back as much as you can without upsetting family and friends...and always remember..ITS YOUR DAY...the only people you have to please is you and your fiancee. Aunt Betty's neighbor just might be cut from the list..:)

The next thing I recommend is make a list of the things that are important to you and your fiancee. The things you always dreamed of having..the things you and your fiancee have been talking about that YOU HAVE TO HAVE! Then prioritize that list..and spend your money on the things you want. And I have to say this , because this is a huge issue for me...if you are going to put extra money anywhere in your it in photography..PLEASE! It is something you will never regret doing. Your pictures are the story of your day, the images you will cherish and pass down to your children and your grandchildren. Research photographers, find one that matches the style you are wanting. You can not relive your day, you have no "do-overs", so please, please, please get a good photographer, you will not regret it!

Favors...unless you absolutely have to have something special, donate money to a favorite charity..your money will go towards a wonderful cause and doesn't end up in the backseat of your guests cars..where it will stay till they clean out their car a month or so later. :) Many charity's will send you cards to put at the guests tables announcing your donation...or you can type up a letter, frame it and put it by the guest book at the reception.

Want more than white linens at your want a splash of color on your tables but cant afford luxury linens? Ask your linen source about Runners and Overlays, they are less expensive and still give you that formal or funky look you are wanting for your reception.

I will continue to give "money saving tips" and feel free to email any questions, comments, or suggestions...but as I tell all my clients..."Your wedding day is about one thing..the union, the commitment that you are making to one another..the party, the flowers, all that "fluff" is just extra...its not the important part...the vows you exchange between one another are!"

Happy Planning!

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