Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's the difference??

I often get asked "What is the difference between a Wedding Coordinator and an Event Designer? Are they not the same thing?"
The answer to that question is "No".
An Event designer creates the visual aspects of your event, like a florist does. However most Event Designers also have many other items to offer clients such as beautiful linens, chavri chairs, furniture, lighting elements, and so much more..think of it as a one stop shop in many cases. Most event designers also do flowers, from bouquets and corsages to centerpieces.

Wedding Coordinators work with their clients to create the perfect day from start to finish, making sure you have the best vendors for your needs and budget. Working with your florist or event designer to ensure every detail discussed is perfect and as planned. Your wedding coordinator also works with your photographer, your DJ, your church and reception venue, all vendors to ensure everything is planned accordingly and happens flawlessly. Wedding coordinators are by your side on your wedding day, from getting you down the aisle to running your reception, ensuring a fabulous time for your guests. The best part about a good coordinator is they take the work, the worry, and the unknown away from the bride, groom, family and friends so that everyone can enjoy the day together. At HEA Weddings we like to say "You show up, exchange vows, party, and go home...the rest is up to us!"

Happy Planning!

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