Monday, January 25, 2010

A Tropical Paradise for Angela & Mike!!! (Peoria, IL Wedding)

Mike and Angela were married over a week ago in Aruba...starting to see a theme here...and wondering why I haven't gotten to go with yet..hum! Okay, back to the story here...
Their love for the tropics inspired Angela to have a tropical reception...try to bring Aruba back to Peoria in the middle of January. This was HEA's first themed reception and you can bet I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted guests to feel like they were on the beach..long tables, bamboo tiki bar, white folding palms, blue water...everything Aruba has to offer...minus the sand...darn it!!!
There were even goldfish, which ask anyone...we were all a little nervous about. But there was no need to be, it all worked out perfectly. They all made it home with Angela & Mike to their new fish aquarium...SHEW!

The evening started like this....Guests arrived, found their sand dollar place cards, signed the AMAZING picture the bride's father painted, and made their way into the reception room, where it was lit in beautiful shades of blues and turquoise. As the time neared 6:00, the lighting gradually changed from blue to yellows, golds, and oranges...just as a sunset would. Then promptly at 6:00 the video started of the wedding was beautiful! As soon as the ceremony concluded, the Bridal party was announced and entered the room...perfect execution!
Dinner was served...Chicken, shrimp, and steak kabobs over rice, fresh fruit, and coconut cupcakes for dessert.

I personally loved every detail of this reception...and when the father of the bride showed up with the most amazing paintings for the entrance and by the bar, I wanted to jump for joy..and I think I did! So a special thanks to Mike Baxter for his amazing talent, what a gift!

This night couldn't have been pulled off if it weren't for all the fabulous vendors involved...
-Heaven on Earth for the centerpieces and Bamboo bar
-Sound & Light Creations for lighting and DJing
-That's a Cake for the cupcakes
-Save the Date - square top table
-Let's Party - white wooden chairs
-Pam Cooley for coming to shoot detail shots on her husband's birthday, she even drug him with. Such a dear friend you are, THANK YOU!

And to my awesome team who worked tirelessly with me all day and into the wee hours of the morning tearing you gals!!

And a special thanks to Angela, Mike, Lorrie, and Neil for trusting such an important day to the HEA team, we hope we made it a night you will never forget....I know we wont!

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