Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ahhhhh, wedding season is fast approaching...vendor meetings, client meetings, venue walk-thru's, and final design meetings...and the oh so many "Sanity Checks" the last few months before the wedding. I tend to see stress levels increase, even when a wedding planner is involved, so "sanity checks", are a MUST!

Several of my clients are going through "seating chart madness" right now. Trying to get RSVP's back, making the seating chart, someone cancels, someone else is bringing their entire family, plus a few friends...its those things that can really throw brides and their families into stress mode.

Take a deep breath...these things are common and unfortunately happen all the time. I tell my clients that you have to "go with the flow" at this point. Try not to get caught up on these things and lose focus on what really is important....the wedding, the marriage between to people.

Your seating arrangement may not be as you planned it three weeks ago...but will your guests mind who you sit them by for one hour for dinner......no. They are there to celebrate YOU.....to eat, to drink, and dance the night away. So take a deep breath, picture your day, the walk down the aisle, marrying the love of your life, the amazing reception...and let everything else, all the little things.... just be as they may.

Happy Planning!

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