Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Very exciting!

I am very excited after talking to my friend Lynn, the owner of Scrapadoodle in Peoria. They are going to be launching an Invitation divsion. For weddings, showers, birthdays...etc. I was so thrilled to hear this great news!! The most recent wedding I helped plan, I designed the invitations and they came out to be exactly what the Bride was looking for. (see attached pic) Handmade invitations with several layers of cardstock and two different ribbons. And I also designed her Bridal Shower invitations (see pic) with a top layer black piece of lasered cardstock that I had designed and made at a local Scrapbook Manufacturing Co. And had LeBakery do her cake in the same scroll pattern - it turned out beautiful. What ever your style, custom invitations are the way to go! I recently read in a Bride's magazine that Formal Invitations are OUT and Handmade Inviataions are SO IN! So brides, use your imaginations, dream up any idea, and then make it happen! Whether you are into Monograms, flowers, ribbons.....etc. Your guests will love it and so will dont you want to be set apart from the rest?? I will keep you updated as soon as Scrapadoodle give me the go ahead! How fun!

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