Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Weinstock!!

Sunday was an amazing day for HEA Weddings! The sun was beaming and so was my bride, her smile will never erase from my mind. For starters this was HEA Weddings first Jewish wedding, although this was a Christian/Jewish wedding, all of the beautiful Jewish traditions took place. Rabbi Frazin and Pastor Shane led a tearful (speaking for myself) ceremony under a beautiful white satin Chuppah that Save the Date created in one of Embassy Suites ballrooms. Black chairs with deep pink sashes that lined just the aisle, and a grey aisle runner transformed the room.
As the guests exited the ceremony, cocktails and appetizers were waiting for them. Then at 6:00, the doors opened into the other portions of the ballroom and Downtime began a 15 minute Motown jam fest!! IT WAS GREAT! The room was stunning with black linens and chair covers, deep pink floral centerpieces, some in low square vases and some on tall silver candlesticks. And of course...candles...always have candles!! It was a great reception, full of energy and if it couldn't get any better, the Horah & Krenzel dances topped it all off. Rhandi and Adam being lifted in chairs above every one's heads, their faces were priceless, they were having the time of their lives. I cant say that so much when the bride's parents and groom's parents were lifted in the air! :)

And I cant forget to mention that on this wedding day, was also the bride's parent's 34th wedding anniversary. They had a special dance just for them..again tearful moment! There were several times that I found myself tearing up that night and on the way home I was thinking to myself.."why so emotional?" Then quickly came the answers...I get to spend one of the most important days in a couple's lives witnessing their union, watching their first dance, witness the love they share, the smiles, the laughter. I form a bond with these clients and in a way its the end of the long road I traveled with them. Love is a beautiful thing and I am so furtunate to do what I love so much and with clients like Rhandi & Adam, their wonderful families and friends...I cant wait for 1000 more!!!

Thank you Rhandi & Adam for the honor! And to Rhandi, you are top notch all the way, your organization and knowledge made this "first" one of the easiest. I will forever be greatful!! Have a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii and I cant wait to see pics!!


PS. I will try to post some pics soon!! You need to witness the beauty!! :)

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Rankin Family said...

was a beautiful wedding! fairy Tale evening