Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding season in full swing...

It's official, wedding season is in full swing...which means now I really have to step it up with the blog posts..:) First I need to start with Kristen & Tim Karmik, who were married on June 13th at Scared Heart Catholic church, downtown Peoria. With a beautiful luncheon at The Cornerstone...then to top off the evening, there was an after-party at Crusens. Such a fun day for everyone, including us.

This wedding was very meaningful, the Bride and her family have become very special to me. This is the second daughter that I have had the privilege and honor of planning their wedding. I love the Crusen's, from their good nature, their fun personalities, the list goes on. Not to mention they make me feel like family all the time, so its never work with them...ever!!! Can you believe I even MC'd this event...not something I would do for just anyone..haha!!!

Please check out Reichman's Blog, great photographers that captured the day beautifully.

I am looking forward to my next Crusen Wedding...one more daughter to go! :) Love you all!

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