Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wedding day around the corner? Starting to feel stressed?

Well Spring is here and wedding season is in full swing all around the country. I see many bride's on a daily basis, some that are clients, and some that are not. And when I ask them, how they are doing with everything...I tend to see a "look" come over them...and I know that look! It's the "there is so much to do, have I forgotten anything?" look.
When bride's have a wedding coordinator, they are kept on track with checklists, constant emails reminding them of what they need to finalize, and overall help in keeping them organized. It keeps the stress level down tremendously. But for those brides out there that do not have a coordinator and feeling that stress, here are some tips that might help calm the nerves...

-Keep plastic totes handy....label some "Wedding Ceremony" and others "Reception". Put all the items that pertain to your ceremony in the correct tote and then same goes for reception items. This way you can always go back to make sure you have this makes it easy to transport everything. I even list all the items in each tote, so that I know everything that goes back in.

-Take all the items (ring bearer pillows, bubbles, camera's etc) out of their boxes/containers/packaging...this will help in creating less mess at the ceremony and reception when setting up. Please however, if using toasting flutes...keep the box handy at the reception so they can be put away before all the dancing begins, you wont want anything to happen to them.

Below are some standard items needed for the ceremony and reception...but in today's weddings, you may have other items you are using, but here is a starting point.

Standard Ceremony Items Needed:
-Marriage License
-Unity Candles & Holders (if applicable)
-Ceremony Programs
-Flower Girl Basket
-Ring Bearer Pillow
-Guest Book & Pen
-Music for Ceremony (if not using Organist or live music)

Standard Reception Items Needed:
-Toasting Flutes
-Cake Knife & Server
-Card Holder
-Guest Favors, if applicable
-Place Cards or Seating Chart
-Table numbers/names (if venue doesn't supply, or you want to get creative)
-DVD for slide show, if applicable

Great organization, will make a world of difference in how you feel leading up to the big day. My last tip for the day is this...Starting a few weeks out, start visualizing your day, sit and close your eyes and picture.... getting your hair and make-up done, spending time with your bridesmaids, putting your dress on, seeing your mom or dad for the first time, seeing your GROOM for the first time, walking down the aisle, the music, your guests faces as you walk by them. The vows, the music, the kiss, the music. (Music always gets me!) And then to the fun, your bridal party announcement, the toasts and speeches, cutting the cake, your first dance, and those ever emotional father-daughter dances. Visualizing your wedding day or any major event in your life can help calm the nerves and get some of the emotions out ahead of time. This doesn't mean you wont tear up, but you are prepared for those moments that make you emotional. I have used this technique in many aspects of my life and I can't tell you how much it helps.

Stay tuned for more tips and Happy Planning!!!

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