Monday, December 10, 2007

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cripe!!!

Another beautiful wedding took place this past weekend, ice and all! Cory Crusen and Michael Cripe became husband and wife at 4:30 Saturday evening at Jubilee Historical Site by candle light. It was the most beautiful, romantic ceremony I have ever seen. The bride was beyond stunning in her ivory beaded satin gown..not to mention her floor length white fur to keep her warm. Heaven on Earth did an amazing job on the church decor, it was exactly what the bride had dreamt of!!

Then off to the Packard Plaza for a beautiful cocktail hour, including a red holiday signature cocktail and appetizers galore! Later the guests were moved up to the Ballroom for the dinner reception including more appetizers and a plated dinner. And I have to admit this is the first reception I have ever been to where the dancing started BEFORE the dinner was served. However, if you had this band at your reception, you would have been dancing too...Encore... out of St. Louis, MO was AWESOME!!!! The ambiance of the room was breathtaking, candles everywhere, had to have been 100's of them, the room was pictures do not even do it justice.....Scott Schilling will be sharing some of his photo's with me so that you can see how amazing it was...every bride's dream come true! Gregg's florist did the flowers and decor for the reception site....a hundred rounds of applause for them, they transformed that room in a much fun to see!

Again, it is always sad when a wedding is over, I get so attached to my Bride & Groom..almost like they are family....but the great news is...I wont have to leave them completely, I will be doing Cory's sister Kristen's wedding in Chicago in September of 2008...I am very very fortunate...these two families were simply beautiful people inside and out, thank you for the HONOR of being your wedding coordinator, I will never forget the memories!

I wish Cory and Michael all the world holds for, happiness, health and a lifetime of great moments together!! LOVE YA BOTH!!

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