Monday, July 27, 2009

Lots to blog about!!

Wow, not even sure where to begin....

I will be blogging my tushy off for the next few days, catching up with posting pics from Abbie & Keith's wedding from back in June, I now have some of them..YEAH!!!

And of course blog about this past weekend, HEA Weddings had TWO weddings this past Saturday. Erin & Tommy and Lisa & Tony. Everything went so perfect and I cant thank my staff enough for everything and I mean everything you did to make it all happen - you girls ROCK!!

And can I just say that one of my weddings this past weekend, the bride and groom are both hip-hop dancers.??..and some of the groomsmen are dancers as well. You talk about entertaining...words cant even describe the excitement in the room that night!! More details tomorrow, so you better stay tuned.

And of course we are gearing up for another wedding this weekend, Hannah & Michael...we cant wait!

Happy Planning!

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